Hi there.

Welcome to the Jonathon Wilson Project. Presumably you’re on this particular page because you want to learn some more about the things that go on around here. That’s understandable, and luckily you can do just that by following some of these here links:

For more about this site.

For more about me.

Still interested? Blimey. Well, if you want even more of myself (and frankly why wouldn’t you?), then you can have a browse through the options listed over on the Contact page. If you’re interested in swapping some of my words for some of your money, then you may want to mooch around in the Hire Me section or browse my digital portfolio to see what I can offer you.

Also, feel free to get involved around this blog; you can spark up a discussion on any post that takes your fancy, or jump into to an already existing conversation and force your opinion on other people. It really is up to you. All posts are still considered active regardless of age, just make sure you familiarize yourself with the Comment Policy before you go spouting any nonsense.

Most importantly: thank you for visiting, reading, and hopefully sticking around. I love you all.




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